New artists usually imitate whatever is popular at the time. Very few look within to bring out their own creativity. James Morris is a storyteller whose music and lyrics describe his everyday observations of life with raw, natural honesty. You always know he’s sharing a piece of his soul in every song.

James’ passion, creativity, and insight go well beyond his years and ring true with all who hear his music. “James is a great songwriter. There’s a craft to writing and he’s got it, he’s very talented for any age, but it’s really exciting that he’s only 17...He’s that good,” says multi-platinum producer/ composer Gardner Cole. This talented young musician writes catchy tunes and lyrics that have you singing along.

In his original songs, James brings to the table his own experiences regarding friendship, loss, the meaning of life, complex issues of love, and the choices we all make along the way. “I draw from everywhere.” Morris says, “My inspiration is the world, how we choose to live in it and what we make of what we have.” His easy charm, combined with his intense intellect, pure love and dedication to his music command attention.

James is making a difference in the world and has a passion for giving back. He generously gives his time and talent to various causes, which support the safety, welfare, and interests of children and young adults. These causes include the GINA FOUNDation for Missing Persons, HOC/Believe in Something, The Alicia Project, National Child Abuse Prevention, and keeping music and art in schools.