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The Three Kingdoms Trilogy
Sky Bound - Cover
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The Earth is split into three kingdoms.

One that resides in the sky, one that lies beneath the waves, and one that remains on the surface. Life on the surface is less than spectacular; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. For fifteen year-old Sam Cutter, that’s enough reason to risk everything and head for the Sky Nation. Sam has determined that nothing will stop him. The severe punishment for being caught leaving the surface has deterred all attempts at escape. If Sam can successfully flee the surface, he’ll be the first to make it in ten years.

Heading into the unknown with little more than a bag filled with a few possessions slung on his back and pure determination, Sam turns and waves goodbye to his mom before sneaking onto a cargo ship bound for the Sky Nation.

Sam’s goal of getting to the Sky Nation won’t be easy. His journey takes him on an adventure filled with unexpected turns as Sam is abruptly thrown into the middle of a war, forced to choose a side, and stay alive. Sam learns to trust his instincts, adapt to new situations, and that he may be more important in this struggle than he could have ever known.

"Sky Bound is a fantastic adventure and James Morris is a prince of an author. Family is who fights with and for you… and writes a book you want to reread. Props, Brother James!"

— Nancy Holder, New York Times bestselling author of THE WICKED SAGA.

"A world ripped into three kingdoms... A terrifying imbalance of power... A clever young adventurer with a streak of reluctant heroism... pure white-knuckle adventure at its very best."

— William H. McDonald, documentary film maker and author of PURPLE HEARTS, and A SPIRITUAL WARRIOR’S JOURNEY.

Water Tower - Cover
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The Water Nation is in chaos.

Citizens of the Water Nation are not quite themselves these days. Madness is everywhere and the residents are split into violent factions. Brother is turning on brother and the Hubs they call their homes are being destroyed. What is going on?

Fifteen-year-old Sam Cutter has every intention of finding out. It doesn’t matter that it’s only been a day since Sam fought against the New Power in their assault against the Sky Nation. When one of the world’s five eternal royals asks you for a favor, you don’t turn them down.

Besides, when has Sam ever avoided a fight? His friends know all too well that when he’s around, crazy things just seem to happen. But in a world of forces struggling for control and domination, a trouble-magnet like Sam might be exactly what’s needed.

Join Sam again as he heads to the Water Nation on the bottom of the ocean. Sometimes all it takes is one brave, determined, and somewhat awkward kid to stand up to powers far beyond the ordinary, whether they be good or evil.

Good and evil is just a matter of opinion anyway.

"...a masterful blend of action, intrigue, and edge-of-your-seat excitement that will keep you flipping the pages long into the night. James Morris combines the world-building ingenuity of Philip K. Dick with a raw-edged creativity that I’ve never seen in such a young author. Remember this kid’s name, because you’re going to be asking for his autograph."

— Jeff Edwards, award-winning author of THE SEVENTH ANGEL, and SWORD OF SHIVA.

Suit up, strap in, and hold on. WATER TOWER is dystopian Sci- Fi action at its heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping best.

— Mike Hess, game concept designer and author of SHATTERED EMPIRE.

Water Tower
Surface - Cover
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The New Power speaks.

And Sam answers.

Just months after the pivotal Battle of the Water Tower, sixteen-year-old Sam Cutter remains at the center of an escalating global power struggle. What seems like a reckless move may save the world or it may tear it apart. The Master is acting. War has officially been declared. The time of shadows has past.

With little time left, Sam and his friends, including the world’s immortal Royals, must gather an army to rival the New Power. The Sky Nation and the Water Nation have long resisted the corruption of the New Power. The Surface cannot afford to ignore it any longer. They must rise up and fight.

Hope must return. One Surface runaway may be the light in the dark that revives a nation in dire need.

The Three Kingdoms must unite or they will fall.

Sam Cutter’s adventures in the Three Kingdoms come to a crash-bang climax, as the just-turned 16-year-old and his allies confront the forces of the New Power... Sam struggles with issues of loss, the costs of fighting, even for a just cause, and relationships with friends, peers, and adversaries -- including a well-depicted blooming romance. A rousing end to an epic journey.

— Mary Elizabeth Hart, Mysterious Galaxy.

Samuel Cutter and his artificially intelligent sidekick, Dac, take the reader on an adventure that will leave them hanging onto every word in sheer anticipation.

— Kerry Frey, author of BURIED LIE.

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